2017 New York City Apartment Management Checklist

2017 New York City Apartment Management Checklist

Completely Updated for 2017!

Your 784-Page Resource Includes:

  • A calendar of important dates
  • A telephone directory of relevant city and state agencies
  • Access to crucial compliance forms


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2017 New York City Apartment Management Checklist is the definitive source of information on the myriad of complex laws that govern the management of New York City apartment buildings. In this completely updated edition for 2017, readers will find clear and comprehensive explanations of all the pertinent rules, regulations, and requirements that owners and managers need to know to stay compliant…and profitable.

Including important discussions of recent laws and forms, the 2017 NYC Apartment Management Checklist gives you access to the forms contained in this edition—as well as bonus forms—all in one place through the convenient online companion site.

Throughout the 2017 edition of the Apartment Management Checklist, the text of laws and forms relating to each chapter have been updated to reflect changes made since the last edition.

Highlights include:

  • Chapter 6, Boiler Inspections & Access, discusses the mandatory DOB NOW: Inspections program for online scheduling of inspection appointments.
  • Chapter 10, Cooling Tower Maintenance, covers the new state and city regulations involving the registration, operation, and maintenance of cooling towers.
  • Chapter 11, Elevators, discusses new Local Law 101, which requires the Department of Buildings to refer to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development immediately hazardous elevator violations in multiple dwellings that are found after inspection to be uncorrected by the owner.
  • Chapter 45, Water & Sewer Bills, discusses the legal dispute over FY 2017 Water Board rates.

In addition, New York City government web pages have been largely overhauled, providing easier access to information on various topics. Where we refer to city web pages, we’ve provided the most recent URLs available.

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Table of Contents


Table of Forms 

2017 Building Management Calendar 

1. Air-Conditioning Systems—Federal Law

2. Air Contamination Disclosure

3. Asbestos Inspection, Handling & Removal

4. Backflow Prevention Devices

5. Boiler/Burner Certification

6. Boiler Inspections & Access

7. Building Registration

8. Building Resiliency Maximization

9. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

10. Cooling Tower Maintenance

11. Elevators

12. Exterior Building Wall Inspection

13. Extermination of Insects & Pests

14. Fire Safety Plans & Notices

15. Flameproofing of Materials in Common Areas

16. Garbage Removal

17. Graffiti

18. Heat & Hot Water

19. Keys, Locks & Protective Devices

20. Lead Paint Disclosure

21. Lead-Based Paint—Renovation, Repair & Painting

22. Lead-Based Paint Notice & Inspection Requirements

23. Lead-Based Paint Hazards—Corrections of

24. Lead-Based Paint—Work that Will Disturb

25. Licensed Electricians & Plumbers 

26. Lighting: Exterior & Interior 

27. Managing Agents 

28. Mold 

29. No Smoking Law 

30. Noise Abatement 

31. Oil Tank Registration, Testing & Spills

32. Painting: Exterior & Interior 

33. Pets

34. Recycling

35. Satellite Dishes & Antennas 

36. Sidewalk Canopies & Sun Control Devices

37. Sidewalk Repair, Cleaning & Snow Removal

38. Sidewalk Sheds, Scaffolding & Netting

39. Sign Posting

40. Smoke Detectors

41. Sprinkler System & Standpipe—Installation, Inspection & Painting

42. Superintendents & Janitorial Services

43. Tax Assessments

44. Waste Compactors & Sprinkler Systems

45. Water & Sewer Bills

46. Water Conservation

47. Window Guards

48. Miscellaneous Duties


Appendix A: 2017 Building Manager’s Telephone Directory

Appendix B: DHCR Directory

Appendix C: Cooling Tower Vendors

Table of Contents: Online Forms & Tools

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FREE CHAPTER: Backflow Prevention Devices (from the New York City Apartment Management Checklist 2017 Edition.)

Owners must install special plumbing devices, known as backflow prevention devices, on the main water pipes that supply their buildings. The device prevents building water from flowing back into the city’s water mains. Owners should have a licensed professional engineer or registered archi­tect submit plans to the city before installing the device, get a permit to install it from the Dept. of Buildings (DOB), get a master plumber to install it, get the device inspected and tested when first installed, and have it tested at least once a year by a state-certified backflow prevention device tester who is employed by a licensed plumber.

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